Monday, August 29, 2011

Grandma's, Moms, and Mice

Well this is the last week we will be in Moab, and I couldn't be happier. There is always so many mixed feelings, at least for me when I come here. First off it was way weird being in my grandparents house and not having my grandma here. There hasn't been a time when I came to stay at their house and she was missing. I miss her so much even if she told my my clothes were ugly or that I needed to lose weight. I think it was her out going opinionated personality I miss most, even if I didn't want to hear it. Secondly whenever I am here everyone brings up my mom . I constantly hear," oh your Kristin's daughter.. I am sorry." It was over 5 years ago geeze.  I am living in the town she grew up in and some times I have to wonder what it would be like if she was still around, if i look like her, or how close we would be. I don't know its just kinda crazy to still think about that I lost my mom, but life is life. I try to stay strong despite my trials in life that I am handed or ones that I choose to take on. On a happier note I am excited for our upcoming trip to Denver, then back up to Rexburg. It will be nice to see my parents and friends again. My dad claims it's time for me to sort through all my boxes to see what i really want to keep or what i need to get rid of. that should be fun and interesting also lol. after a couple of days in Denver we are on our way back up to Idaho woo hoo. Never thought I would be so happy to go to Idaho hahha its a love hate relationship. So here is a funny story for you for the week.. the other night I heard a noise under the bed I tried to wake up Shaun, but he wouldn't budge so i went back to sleep I knew it was a mouse, but I tried to ignore that fact and go back to sleep. Then when he finally woke up I told him he needed to check the sticky trap we have under the bed, so he looked and ... IT WAS GONE!!!! In shock we both laughed and looked everywhere for it. After we gave up, and I a little nervous about a loose mouse; I found it while doing laundry. When I picked it up you will never believe what was on it... I know what you are thinking the mouse right .. no it was a chunk of its hair hahah, so he must be mighty mouse to get away from the trap;  so now we have a half bald mouse running around. I hate mice, but I have to admit its a pretty funny story when I look back on it. Thats all for now ill update later :)

Here is just a fun picture of me and my mom at the same age :) I think we look alike!


  1. You definately have your moms nose!!! The mouse thing is so funny! I hope you find it before you leave!

  2. Funny thing, I am reminded of your mom every Sunday at church. It wasn't long after we moved from Seattle to Ohio and my mom happened to be in town and came to church with me that she happened to recognize one of the girls in my ward out here as one of your mom's nurses in Seattle! CRAZY! Every week I see her and I think of your mom and the time i got to spend with you guys in seattle!!! Makes me happy to know that I was there with you guys. I still think about it all the time!!!