Saturday, January 28, 2012

Trials, Blessings, and Tiny Feet.

Well it’s been a while sense I last posted life gets in the way some times. I am now 18 weeks along and feeling great. The first trimester was not pleasant; waking up to weird smells and my new friendship with toilets and sinks. Getting through preschool was always an accomplishment, I always prayed I wouldn't throw up in front of the children, and I never did thank goodness. This semester has already been a stressful yet blessed one. We are currently trying to sell our contract for our apartment because we got into a two bedroom, and every offer that is laid down falls through, so we are going to have to pay two places rent for February until we find someone to move in. The blessing: Shaun got a job doing janitorial on campus and we won’t have to rush to move out. I am being treated for gestational diabetes so I get to poke myself and monitor my blood sugars. It’s not as bad as I thought it would be to make it fun I have a pink monitor and the things I have to stick myself with are colorful. Hahah colors make everything better :) School is hard this semester and Shaun is never home it seems like between work and school we are lucky to spend a few hours together. The blessing: lately when I feel lonely or just stressed out from life my little one likes to kick or punch me and remind me that he or she loves me and is in there. It is so crazy to feel the baby moving around and takes me by surprise every time. The baby likes to move around when I am sitting still or never fails when i am about ready to go to sleep. Typical baby quiet during the day, and ready to play at night. it’s amazing that I have never seen or met my baby yet and i already have such an incredible love and bond with it, I can’t wait to meet it when it arrives in June. i cannot believe i am going to be a mom  as long as I can remember that was my dream in life. i remember taking my baby doll everywhere i went when i was little , I even breast fed it lol and my mom told me that i would get some strange looks at the store for one I had a baby doll up my shirt and two my baby doll looked real so they were confused at first glance. hahha I could only imagine the thoughts going through those peoples heads. Shaun is getting used to the idea that he is going to be a daddy and talks to the baby at night; it’s the cutest thing to watch. I am so excited for my family to grow. We will learn the baby’s gender on Valentine’s Day :)  Shaun wants a boy and I want a girl so we will see who wins! I will keep you followers updated. Thanks for reading :)


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  2. So excited that you get to feel the baby move and I know that everything will work out!!