Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Last Stretch

Well it has been a while as usual that I have posted anything, but I guess its better late then never. As usual lately I am up awake while my husband is sound asleep in bed. Our little girl loves to get up and play at night, especially in my ribs it's so much fun! People weren't kidding when they said the last month is the worst, and I am about a week away from my last month. Oh well, besides having to pee all the time, and being uncomfortable I am doing good. I love feeling her move and I cant wait to meet her soon. I am frantically trying to make sure we have every thing ready for when she comes. Some people would call this nesting hahah. I just have to keep telling myself to relax and everything will work out. This past month has been absolutely crazy. It started out fairly slow and then everything started to happen all at once.  We had a fun filled mothers day weekend full of a girls night out while the guys went to a fathers and sons outing, my baby shower, and mothers day at Shaun's parents house When we came home from being up there our car decided it was done and didn't want to start.Come to find out we  "just" needed a new starter, an expense we weren't really planning for but I kept my cool. Secretly inside  I was freaking out because we didn't plan for this and we have a baby on the way, but who ever plans for things like this to happen. I am just leaving it all in Gods hands and hopefully everything will work out. This weekend we have Shaun's birthday and a doctors appointment next week. Then ironically we have nothing planned for June.... perfect I can relax and wait for Naomi to come hahah yeah right as if it will work out that way.  I am so excited for the next month I cant express how nervous and ecstatic I am to have our baby girl enter this world and to meet her for the first time :) my sister made the cutest things for her room ( I will post pics at the end of this post) I have definitely had to refrain from making and buying every cute thing i see at the store. Knowing we are having a baby girl has definitely been fun, but dangerous for our bank account haha I have been good though no worries. As for an update on how our baby is doing; at our last doctor appointment the doctor said she was measuring right where she should be and the heart beat is still going strong. I have managed to maintain a healthy diet for my gestational diabetes and I have only gained a total of 7 pounds (which i am super excited about). Everything is looking good we just have to wait. I honestly cant express how blessed I feel to have had a pretty perfect pregnancy. Everything has gone great with the exception of the gestational diabetes, I have had no real complications I hope it continues to go that way and that delivery wont be awful. I am going to try to deliver without an epidural.. we will see how that goes. I thank the good Lord about for all that he has blessed our little family with and for his hand consistently being in our lives and this pregnancy I know that Naomi was supposed to be born into this family at this time and I cant wait to see what she brings into our lives. well its getting late I probably should try to go to sleep. Until next time!
Lots of love,
Andrae Michelle
A cute dress to hold all of her hair accessories

An awesome pink and black blanket ( I love it)

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  1. Nesting is so much fun! Can't wait to meet her as well!