Saturday, June 9, 2012

The diagnosis

Well here it is... it’s been a crazy week full of anticipated doctor visits and lots of testing. When I went to the Doctor last week they were a little concerned because my blood pressure was starting to get a little higher than normal and I was spilling protein in my urine. my doctor ordered a blood test and told me to come back in for my appointment 5 days latter( talk about an anxious wait) when I came back in she told me that everything from the blood test looked great except my iron levels which is an easy fix. I now have to take a daily dose of iron but if any of you have taken iron I also have to up my fiber intake yuck! They did a non stress test to check on the baby and she did great though I don’t think she liked it that much she kept kicking it and moving around. The doctor diagnosed me with preeclampsia and told me they would be watching me closely and doing more blood test to make sure all the levels are where they need to be. She told me to come back in of Friday (yesterday) to have a biophysical exam done. What I thought might be an hour at the doctor’s office turned into 3. First when I got there they were running behind so my appointment was like 45 min late then they did the biophysical everything looked good she’s still a girl :) and she has hair! They took me back to an exam room which my blood pressure was super high and that worried them they did another non stress test and took some more blood. They were worried so they made me wait around for a doctor who had to ironically go deliver a baby so after 2 hours in the doctor’s office worrying they sent me home for an hour and told me to come back when the doctor got back. When I came back the doctor decided he wanted to do a cervical exam. You could only imagine how excited I was for that... NOT! So he did his thing and told me the baby was still high but i was dilated to a 2 that was kind of exciting except for the fact that some people can be dilated to a 2 for weeks but still exciting. he told me that he wanted me to lay low for the next week and if at all possible on my left side (this lowers the blood pressure significantly somehow) he told me he would like to see me make it to 38 weeks (next Saturday) and then they will more than likely induce me because they don’t want the blood pressure to negatively affect me or the baby. So now I am lying in bed with nothing to do and I am already hating this whole bed rest thing but I keep telling myself it is worth it. I have another doctor appointment on Tuesday so we will see what they say at that one. Until then I am just anxiously awaiting the arrival of my little girl.

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